For the attendees traveling from abroad, Komatsu airport (KMQ) is the nearest international and domestic airport from Kanazawa city. From KMQ to Kanazawa station, you can use a limousine bus. But considering the few services and flight area, it may more convenient and reasonable that most of attendees get KMQ through Narita International Airport (NRT) or Tokyo International Airport (HND). From NRT/HND to KMQ or Kanazawa city, please see “Domestic Transportation” below.

International flights

Narita International Airport (NRT) is an international airport located approximately 60 km east of central Tokyo. Tokyo International Airport (HND) is also an international airport located near central Tokyo (14 km south of Tokyo Station). From both, you can get the domestic flights or trains to KMQ/Kanazawa station. In detail, please see the “Domestic Transportation” below.

Komatsu airport (KMQ) has international flights from Seoul, Korea, Shanghai, Taipei, and Taiwan.

Komatsu Airport

Domestic Transportation

From Tokyo

By Air:

  • From Narita Airport to Komatsu Airport — ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS: 75 mins. (2 flights/day)
  • From Haneda Airport to Komatsu Airport — Japan Airlines: 65 mins. (6 flights/day) or ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS: 60 mins. (6 flights/day)

After getting Komatsu airport, you can take limousine bus to Korinbo (Kanazawa city) or Kanazawa station. It takes 60-80 mins (1,130 JPY). If you directly come to the conference venue from the airport, we recommend you to get off at Korinbo. It is 5-7 mins’ walk from Korinbo to the conference venue.

Limousine Bus

By Train:

  • From Tokyo Station to Kanazawa Station — JR Hokuriku Shinkansen about 2.5 hours (approximately 14,000 JPY).

Reference site for train

About Kanazawa Station

Hokuriku Arch Pass

Conference Venue

The Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce & Industry
9-13 Oyamama-cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-0918 Japan

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The Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Please make a reservation the hotel on your own.

Please make a hotel reservation on your own. Accommodation is not included in the conference registration fee. Attendees are responsible for making their own hotel reservations by contacting hotels directly. General hotel information is listed below.

Get Accommodation Information!

General Accommodations

Hotels & Japanese-style inns

International resort hotel satisfying standards specified by the Japanese government
Area Facility
Type Address Stars Website To conference venue
Kata-machi, and
Kanazawa Tokyu Hotel 2-1-1 Korinbo ★★★★ 13 min by walk
Kanazawa New Grand Hotel 4-1 Minami-cho ★★★★ 5 min by walk
New Grand Annex 4-1 Minami-cho ★★★★ 5 min by walk
APA Villa Hotel Kanazawa-Katamachi 2-2-13 Kata-machi ★★★ 13 min by walk
APA Hotel Kanazawa-Katamachi 2-21-1 Ikeda-machi ★★★ 17 min by walk
APA Hotel Kanazawa-Chuo 1-5-24 Kata-machi ★★★ 12 min by walk
Hotel Trusty Kanazawa-Korinbou 1-2-16, Kourinbo ★★★ 7 min by walk
KKR Hotel Kanazawa 2-32 Otemachi ★★★ 7 min by walk
Hotel Pacific 46, Jyukken-Machi ★★★ 7 min by walk
Toyoko Inn Kanazawa Korinbo 2-4-28 Korinbo ★★★ 7 min by walk
Kikunoya 1-1-27 Hirosaka ★★★ 11 min by walk
Murataya Ryokan 1-5-2 Kata-machi ★★★ 13 min by walk
Machiya Ryokan Iritaya ‘Kawakyuan’ 3-21 Chuodori-Machi ★★★ 15 min by walk
Garden and
Castle Park
Kanazawa Hakuchoro Hotel Sanraku 6-3 Marunouchi ★★★ 9 min by walk
Owari-cho, and
around Kanazawa
ANA Crowne Plaza Kanazawa 16-3 Showa-machi ★★★★ 22 min by walk
Hotel Kanazawa 1-1 Horikawashin-machi ★★★ 22 min by walk
Hotel Nikko Kanazawa 2-15-1 Hon-machi ★★★★ 19 min by walk
ANA Holiday Inn Kanazawa Sky 15-1 Musashi-machi ★★★ 10 min by walk
Kanazawa Manten Hotel 1-6-1 Kitayasue ★★★ 26 min by walk
Kanazawa Central Hotel 5-3 Horikawa-machi ★★★ 21 min by walk
HOTEL MYSTAYS Kanazawa Castle 10-17 Konohana-machi ★★★ 19 min by walk
Garden Hotel Kanazawa 2-16-16 Hon-machi ★★★ 19 min by walk
Kanazawa Chaya 2-17-21 Hon-machi ★★★ 19 min by walk
APA Hotel Kanazawa Ekimae 1-9-28 Hirooka ★★★ 24 min by walk
Toyoko Inn Kanazawa-eki Higashi-guchi 13-23 Showa-machi ★★★ 19 min by walk
Hotel Hinodeya 2-17-25 Hon-machi ★★★ 19 min by walk
Dormy Inn Kanazawa Natural Hot Spring 2-25 Horikawa Shinmachi ★★★ 23 min by walk
Daiwa Roynet Hotel Kanazawa 2-20, Horikawashinmachi ★★★ 22 min by walk
VIA INN Kanazawa 1-1 Kinoshinbomachi ★★★ 24 min by walk
Garden Hotel Kanazawa 2-16-16,Honmachi, ★★★ 19 min by walk
Kashimaya Inn 2-19-13 Hon-machi ★★★ 18 min by walk
Ryokan Shibaya 2-19-7 Hon-machi ★★★ 18 min by walk
Sumiyoshiya Ryokan 54 Jukken-machi ★★★ 7 min by walk
Nakayasu Ryokan 1-10-31 Owari-cho ★★★ 9 min by walk
Ryokan Yamamuro 1-2-19 Owari-cho ★★★ 9 min by walk
Guesthouse Namaste   6-15 Kasaichi-machi ★★★ 18 min by walk
Guest House Pongyi   2-22 Rokumai-machi ★★★ 17 min by walk
Guesthouse Chonmage   25-6 Hyotan-machi ★★★ 17 min by walk
Ryokan & Hotel Cooperative Association
* Consists of 30 accommodations
(including some of the above).

3-10-26 Honda-machi ★★★ TBD