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    Important dates

    Early registration: March 1 – July 30, 2018
    Abstract submission: May 1 – July 30, 2018
    Late registration: July 31 – August 31, 2018
    Dates of the Symposium: September 10-14, 2018

    Welcome to MTB 2018

    Sep. 10-14, 2018, Kanazawa, Japan

    Dear Colleagues,

    The 6th International Meeting on Magnetotactic Bacteria (MTB 2018 meeting) will be held at the Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Kanazawa, Japan. The aim of the MTB meeting is to bring fresh insights and discuss new ideas about magnetotactic microorganisms in all of their aspects. We believe that this meeting will accelerate research in related fields and facilitate collaborations among different groups worldwide.

    The MTB meeting has been held biennially in different locations. Earlier meetings include the first one in Balatonfüred (Hungary, 2008), and then in Beijing (China, 2010), Berkeley (USA, 2012), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 2014), and Marseille (France, 2016). It is our great pleasure to have the 6th meeting in Kanazawa (Japan, 2018) and invite you here. This city is a historical place and famous for a Japanese garden, Kenrokuen, with beautiful townscape. The place should stimulate us to discuss about science and to provide nice relaxing times.

    MTB2018 meeting will be held with the help and support of WPI NanoLSI (Kanazawa University) and JSPS KAKENHI.


    Organizing committee

    Yoshihiro Fukumori (Kanazawa University)
    Azuma Taoka (Kanazawa University)
    Tadashi Matsunaga (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
    Atsushi Arakaki (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

    Conference Venue

    The Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    9-13 Oyamama-cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-0918 Japan

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    The Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce & Industry

    To MTB 2018 Secretary

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.